International Center for Geotechnical Studies

The International Center for Geotechnical Engineering Studies (GEOTEST), a story that began in 1990, born of the idea of the founder, Engineer Anwar Tmaizeh, to become a leading engineering company in the field of geotechnical studies, construction material testing, and mining studies.
Site Investigation (Geotechnical Studies)
Structural and Evaluation of Existing Building
Slope Stability Study
Geological Studies and Geological Mapping
Minning Studies
Construction Material Testing
Geotechnical Field Test
Shoring Systems Design
Geophysical Studies
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"GEOTEST " has been providing site investigation and construction material testing services since 1990. These services cover the following main fields:

Site Investigation (Geotechnical Studies)

Construction Material Testing

Structural & Evaluation of Existing Building

Geotechnical Field Test

Slope Stability study

Shoring System Design

“GEOTEST” has the required testing and drilling equipment’s and at the same time qualified engineers and lab technicians.
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The International Center for Geotechnical Engineering Studies

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This journey culminated in obtaining the highest classification from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and at the same time from the Jordanian Engineers Association. We were one of the first engineering companies that obtained accreditation (ISO 17025), becoming the ideal and most trusted choice for our clients from all sectors.

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