Soil Investigation

A- Site investigation for buildings, Towers, Dams and Highways.


One of our rig at site location

B- Field test

  • Vane shear test
  • Falling Head and Constant Head permeability test
  • Packer and double packer permeability test
  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  • Dynamic Probe Super Heavy Test (DPSH)
  • Dynamic Probe Light Weight Test (DPL)
  • Pressure Meter Test
  • Plate Bearing Test
  • Infiltration test

C- Geological Mapping, Geological Studies.

We have the ability to make geological maps with the required scale and at the same time geological studies for the different projects


Jordan Geological Map

D- Mining Studies

We have the ability to make the necessary mining studies including calculating the quantity of row material, method of excavations for mines and the necessary remaining studies and parameters needs for mining projects.

E-Borehole Drilling and Test Pits Excavation Works.

  • Conducting continuous coring drilling in all type of rocks and soil.
  • Determining core recovery, RQD% and SCR%.
  • Ability to drill up to depth of 250 meters with different diameters.
  • Making test pits and trenching works, for geotechnical purposes.
Our Location
Opp Commodore Hotel Zahrat Al-shemisani Bldg.3rd Floor Amman -Jordan.
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International Center for Geotechnical Studies “GEOTEST” has been established in the beginning of 1990, in Amman-Jordan.

Contact Info

AMMAN,shemsani omru al qais street,B # 6
Mobile: 00962795521425
Phone: 0096265699130
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